Negligent Security

Jeffrey S. Altman of The Altman Law Firm is a Miami Negligent Security Lawyer representing injuried victims and familiy members of Wrongful Death victims resulting from negligent security.  Most negligent security cases involved a landowner or business that fails to provide any security at all or fails to provide adequate security on its premises resulting in a criminal attack on unsuspecting victims.  In Miami and the rest of Florida, this is an obligation or “legal duty” that cannot be delegated away from the landowner or in some situations the business operator.  While a lot of criminal acts of third parties are unavoidable, it is not surprising that proper security can limit the risk of assault, battery, robbery, rape, wrongful death, or other life changing events.  Proper security can include alarms, fences, lighting, security gates, security guards and video surveillance.

Certain areas historically have more crimes committed.  In Miami, North Miami, Miami Shores, North Miami Beach, South Beach and Aventura, these high crime areas include malls, banks, parking lots, bars and grocery stores.  Criminals often target victims in these areas because they know that the victims have cash on hand or an ATM close by from which a victim can be forced to withdraw cash.  Often property security measures would deter these crimes because the criminal knows that they would be caught on the spot or caught on video and later apprehended.

Jeffrey S. Altman and the Miami Law Firm of The Altman Law Firm have been handling these types of injury cases since 1998.  We handle Catastrophic Personal InjuryTraumatic Brain Injury and Wrongful Death cases throughout the State of Florida.  This Personal Injury Law Firm is located in Miami with quick and convenient access from North Miami, Miami Shores, North Miami Beach, South Beach and Aventura.  Please call or email for a Free Case Evaluation to 305.373.3730 or

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