Wrongful Death

Jeffrey S. Altman is a Miami Wrongful Death Lawyer and Florida Wrongful Death Attorney representing family members of a loved one that suffered a Wrongful Death due to Negligence.

When a loved one dies as a result of somebody else’s negligence, a lawsuit is usually the last thing on your mind. However, quite often while you are mourning the loss the insurance company is already trying to minimize the money damages to which they may be exposed.  In Florida, a Wrongful Death triggers  different laws that apply as to, among other things, who can recover money damages, how long that person has to sue before they are barred by law from doing so and what damages can be recovered.  For these reasons, it is important to seek legal advice to determine if Florida Law allows compensation for the financial loss of support of your loved one and the emotional pain and suffering that inevitably comes with the death of a loved one.  There are many Wrongful Death accidents in Miami, Florida as well as other locations in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County.  These Wrongful Death accidents can result from:

Car Accidents

18 Wheeler and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Slip Trip and Fall Accidents

Negligent Security

Medical Malpractice

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Taxi Cab and Limousine Accidents

Public Bus Accidents

Boat Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Alcohol Related Accidents

Work Related Injury

Often while you are suffering through the loss of a loved one the insurance company is already hiring investigators and adjusters trying to minimize the amount of money damages to which it may be exposed.  The insurance company is likely hiring experts to inspect the accident scene, get sworn statements from witnesses and try and find a reason why the case is worth less the full value.  You should also seek legal advice as it is important to speak to witnesses while memories are fresh and preserve physical evidence.  The Altman Law Firm does this as part of its investigation of Catastrophic Personal Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Wrongful Death cases.  Certain situations in Florida require that you to speak to an insurance company representative and give a statement.  However, if your accident occurred in Miami, Florida we recommend seeking the advice of a Miami, Florida attorney before speaking to any insurance company after an accident in which you or a loved one suffered a Catastrophic Personal Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury or Wrongful Death.

Miami Wrongful Death Attorney Jeffrey S. Altman and The Altman Law Firm have been handling these types of injury cases since 1998.  We handle Catastrophic Personal InjuryTraumatic Brain Injury and Wrongful Death cases throughout the State of Florida.  This Personal Injury Law Firm is located in Miami with quick and convenient access from North Miami, Miami Shores, North Miami Beach, South Beach and Aventura.  Please call or email for a Free Case Evaluation to 305.373.3730 or jaltman@altmanlawfirm.com.

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