The Results listed below represent some of our past cases.  Our past results are not indicative of what the result of your case will be.  Each case has a value based upon its own facts.  Please contact The Altman Law Firm if you would like a Free Case Evaluation.

$8,000,000.00 – Negligent Security

Jeffrey S. Altman of The Altman Law Firm was lead counsel in a team of lawyers in a Negligent Security case resulting from an assault. Our client was left in a coma for an extended period of time – suffering a brain injury. A lawsuit was filed against multiple Defendants. A confidential settlement was reached with all Defendants shortly before jury trial for the sum of $8,000,000.00. We were very proud to represent this client and remain in close contact with the client and the client’s family.

$2,800,000.00 – Automobile Accident/Alcohol Liability/Dramshop

The Altman Law Firm litigated a difficult case against a well-known local strip club. The case involved the strip club serving one of its dancers alcohol to the point of extreme inebriation. The club then allowed/demanded the dancer to leave the club at closing time. She got in her car and attempted to drive home. Within a few minutes of leaving the club she collided with another vehicle causing catastrophic injury to the driver of that vehicle who was simply driving home from work. The Jury determined that the strip club negligently failed to implement alcohol consumption or vehicle use policies. This was a particularly satisfying verdict in light of (1) the difficulty of winning alcohol liability / “dramshop” cases in Florida – the law is skewed in favor of the establishment serving the alcohol and (2) How lovely our client is despite what she has had to endure.

$2,500,000.00 – General Negligence

Jeffrey S. Altman of The Altman Law Firm represented a lovely client in a General Negligence case. The case was settled shortly before trial the terms of which are confidential

$2,000,000.00 – Premises Liability/Pool Drowning

The Altman Law Firm was privileged to represent a wonderful family that lost their precious child in a premises liability / pool drowning incident. While on vacation in Florida the family rented a home in Central Florida. The Altman Law Firm was able to show that the homeowners and a management company that rented the house were both negligent in causing the death of the child. Several safety measures that should have been in place were known by the home owners and management company to not be functioning correctly. They were not fixed prior to the family’s arrival and the family was not told about the safety problems. This tragedy will never be forgotten and it is our hope that cases like this will lead to better safety measures taken by pool owners – especially those that use their home as Vacation Rental Homes. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with this strong, loving and courageous family.

$1,300,000.00 – Boating Accident

The Altman Law Firm had the pleasure of representing a man vacationing from out of state. He was scuba diving in Palm Beach County obeying all state and federal laws. As he surfaced just next to his diver down flag he was struck by a boater that was not paying attention – the boater actually struck the scuba diver and the diver down flag. The operator of the boat was cited by Florida Fish and Wildlife for negligent operation of his vessel. Our client sustained significant lacerations and fracture to his upper torso and had to be helicoptered to the hospital.

$1,000,000.00 – Automobile Accident

The Altman Law Firm was honored to represent a young man that suffered a catastrophic personal injury as a result of an automobile accident in Miami.  He had his arm amputated when a cement truck he was traveling in tipped over.  The Altman Law Firm was brought into this case after another law firm handled the case for over a year without obtaining any settlement offer or filing a lawsuit.  Our thorough investigation found that a cement filling station significantly overfilled the cement truck dangerously raising its center of gravity causing the vehicle to tip over during a standard turn.  We argued that this was clear evidence of negligence against the Miami company.  After The Altman Law Firm was retained it took less than 4 months for the insurance company to pay its policy limits of $1,000,000.00.  Although this money will never take away the mental and physical pain of this trauma we are pleased that we could help in a small way.

$807,600.00 – General Negligence

The Altman Law Firm represented a man that suffered a leg fracture as a result of the negligence of a local business. We were able to obtain a Jury Verdict of $807,600.00. Our client is very happy and we are happy to have been able to help him.

$700,000.00 – Automobile Accident

Our 63 year old client was a passenger in a vehicle that had a horrendous collision with a Ford F-250 at an intersection in Charlotte County, Florida.  The other vehicle blamed the driver of the vehicle in which our client was a passenger.  While he was lucky to survive, he was left with multiple bone fractures and required shoulder surgery.  Our client came to the office believing that the most he could recover was a small portion of the insurance policy for the vehicle that hit the vehicle in which he was traveling.  However, a thorough review of the insurance policies for some collectible antique vehicles our client maintained resulted in an additional $650,000.00 in coverage that he recovered.  Needless to say, it is important to let your lawyer know about all insurance policies in your household or for the vehicle in which you are traveling.

$475,000.00 – Automobile Accident/Product Liability

The Altman Law Firm was part of a team of lawyers that represented two women that sustained serious but, thankfully, non life threatening injuries as a result of a defective tire that caused a rollover car accident. The recovery was against the vehicle manufacturer, tire manufacturer and dealership that sold the vehicle.

$325,000.00 – Motorcycle/Automobile Accident

Jeffrey Altman of The Altman Law Firm was proud to represent a local motorcyclist that sustained a significant injury when struck by a rental car being operated by a tourist. The insurance company for the driver of the rental car initially denied that the accident was the fault of the rental car driver to any degree whatsoever – and consequently, offered no money to settle the injured motorcyclist case. However, after significant investigation that included Mr. Altman going to the accident scene and obtaining statements of local residents and employees of local businesses that witnessed the accident, it became abundantly clear that the accident was the rental car driver’s fault. Having been born and raised in the Miami / North Miami / Miami Beach area, Mr. Altman is very familiar with the Miami neighborhoods where many of his clients are injured. In this case, as a result, we were able to obtain a relatively quick and fair settlement for our client. This was another example of how a lawyer often needs to personally investigate the accident to understand how the accident happened and obtain a good result for the client. If you are injured as a result of an automobile accident and are curious how easy it is to speak to Mr. Altman, call or email Jeffrey S. Altman of The Altman Law Firm. He either answers your call or promptly returns messages.

$300,000.00 – Premises Liability/Vacation Rental Home

The Altman Law Firm successfully represented our client visiting Florida from South Carolina who severely fractured her wrist when she fell at a Vacation Rental Home. The home was intended to be a private residence that was being used as a Vacation Rental Home. However, the homeowner did not apply for nor did the homeowner obtain a license by Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (“DBPR”) to use the home as a Vacation Rental Property. The home would have failed the inspection during the licensing process because of multiple code violations on the front entry stairway that led to the Plaintiff’s fall and injury. Vacation Rental Homes require safety measures not required on a private resident. Mr. Altman traveled 6 hours to visit the house and feels that this is often necessary to understand what a client was seeing and feeling when an injury occurs.

$201,100.00 – Automobile Accident

We were very pleased to obtain this result for our client that sustained a catastrophic crushed leg and traumatic brain injury.  Fault for this accident was disputed with several people blaming our client for causing this accident.  However, we were able to obtain this monetary result after the insurance company paid its policy limits.  It is important to point out that the hospital that treated our client was very generous for understanding his financial hardship and drastically reducing its balance.  Negotiating outstanding medical expenses is an important service that The Altman Law Firm provides relating to injury cases.

$195,000.00 – Slip and Fall

The Altman Law Firm was brought on by other attorneys to litigate this trip and fall case in Miami, Florida.  Our truly inspirational 77 year old client was walking on a walkway while shopping in Miami and tripped and fell and injured her shoulder as a result of a poorly maintained walkway.  After much litigation over who owned the walkway and who was responsible for maintaining the walkway we were able to obtain this settlement shortly prior to trial.  Sadly, our client passed away from conditions unrelated to her fall and our thoughts are with her family.

$170,000.00 – Slip and Fall

Jeffrey S. Altman was brought in as co-counsel to litigate a fall down incident at a local car dealership.  Our client worked at the car dealership and slipped on oil and fell off a truck bed while unloading merchandise on a delivery truck that was not owned by the car dealership.  The Defendant argued that our client jumped to the ground and caused his own back injury.  We argued that the delivery truck was poorly maintained and had a layer of oil on the floor that our client was not able to see because the truck was enclosed.  The case was settled at mediation shortly before trial.

$152,000.00 – Automobile Accident

This recovery for one of our clients was especially rewarding.  Our client was in a significant automobile accident.  She sustained a broken rib and had some chest pain as a result of the accident.  Our client developed a non-life threatening heart condition that we contended was a result of the accident.  The insurance company contended the heart condition was not related to the accident and similar to symptoms suffered prior to the automobile accident.  Our client and our firm were quite happy that we convinced the insurance company otherwise and obtained a result that made both of us happy.

$150,000.00 – Slip and Fall

We had the pleasure of representing a lovely woman who fell down in a pizza restaurant.  It was a stormy day and the pizza restaurant had a tile floor and failed to put down any sort of slip resistant rug as people came into the store to pick up their pizzas.  Our client slipped and fell straight on her tailbone cause a fracture of a vertebrae in her spine.  We were able to establish that this type of high traffic restaurant failed to maintain reasonable safety procedures during a rainy day.

$125,000.00 – Automobile Accident

The Altman Law Firm was brought in by another attorney to represent the family of a man that was killed while crossing the street in a business district in Miami.  The owner and driver of the commercial vehicle that struck and killed the man asserted a “drug and alcohol defense”.  There was almost no question that the deceased with legally intoxicated.  There was almost no question that the deceased walked into traffic.  The only question under the law was if, as a result of the intoxication, the deceased was more than 50% at fault in the accident.  The Altman Law Firm was able to establish enough doubt that the commercial vehicle may have switched lanes suddenly and that this was the true cause of the death.  While the family mourned the loss of their loved one, they were very happy with the result of the case.

$120,000.00 – Automobile Accident

The Altman Law Firm recovered $120,000.00 for our client who is a bus driver that was injured in a head-on collision. The recover included the tendering of bodily injury policy limits and underinsured motorist policy limits. We also made sure that our client positioned himself to receive all of the workers’ compensation benefits to which he is entitled. It is important to understand that often injured workers can simultaneously have a workers’ compensation claim and a bodily injury claim if the injury was caused by somebody that is not a co-employee.

$115,000.00 – Automobile Accident

Our client was injured when a multi-vehicle collision occurred on a highway in Miami caused one of the vehicles to careen into his car causing a wrist fracture.  This was particularly difficult for our client because he is an armed security guard that was left unable to work for significant period of time.  The vehicle that caused the accident only maintained a minimal amount of insurance.  However, we were able to obtain a substantial recovery after obtaining a significant amount of underinsured motorist benefits that the insurance company first argued were not available because they were rejected on the application.

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