Miami-Dade Emergency Vehicles driving through intersections has been a long standing concern for drivers in the Miami area.  The Altman Law Firm has handled accident cases involving this issue in the past and is currently representing an injured client involved in a collision with an Emergency Vehicle at an intersection.  Florida Statute 316.072 governs the traffic.. read more →

Preparing for a Car Accident before you even purchase your car is the ultimate safety measure. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) publishes a report of the safest vehicles in categories ranging from Minicars up to SUV’s with many categories in between. Factors used to determine rankings include (1) how crashworthy a vehicle is.. read more →

Purchasing Car Insurance in any state can be confusing – Florida Car Insurance is no different. Remarkably, as of the date of this article, Florida requires a very minimal amount of insurance for somebody to legally drive a passenger vehicle.  A vehicle owner must only have PIP and PD coverage. PIP is intended to pay.. read more →

07 Mar 2013
March 7, 2013

Deadly Miami Car Crash

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Nicole Menendez is reported to be the cause of a deadly Miami Car Crash on Saturday, March 2, 2013.  Nicole Menendez crashed into a mini-van near the intersection of Sunset Drive and 147th Avenue, lost control of her vehicle and then fled the scene while driving recklessly swerving in and out of lanes.  Only a.. read more →

One of the most common type of injuries a person may suffer from a Car Accident is a Spine Injury.  The most common Car Accident involves one vehicle striking another resulting in sudden deceleration of one or more vehicles.  In technical terms the change in velocity is often referred to as “Delta V”.  This sudden change in velocity often.. read more →

A tragic multi-vehicle Car Accident on I-95 has left 3 people dead and 1 more critically injured.  Four family members had spent Wednesday evening shopping in Boca Raton, Florida.  On the way home three vehicles collided causing a Lexus SUV to fly off I-95 through a fence and land in water about 50 feet away… read more →