Five people were seriously injured in a Miami Car Accident on Wednesday morning at West Flagler Street and Southwest 42nd Avenue.  The Miami Herald reported that traffic was stopped at a light on Southwest 42nd Avenue when a car struck traffic from the rear, drove over the sidewalk and then crashed into a bus bench.  Witnesses report that a Miami-Dade Transit pick up truck caused the accident by crashing into the stopped vehicles and, ultimately, crashing into a bus bench with several people sitting.  Several people were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center – including one victim with a severed leg.

The City of Miami Police Department is still unsure why the accident occurred.  A pedestrian was injured several years prior after a collision in the very same intersection.  This story raises the question of the safe placement of bus benches.  Current Florida Law can allow a bus bench to be as close as a few feet from a busy street.  There have been multiple car accident that have resulted in serious injury or death to people seemingly harmlessly waiting on a bus bench.  Only a few months ago this author posted a blog for a Bus Bench Accident that caused Catastrophic Injury and Wrongful Death.  It is certainly time to look into better safety measures to protect people sitting on bus benches.  One such safety measure could be barrier devices that would stop or re-direct cars that are heading towards people sitting on Bus Benches.  Another safety measure could be requiring bus benches to be a greater distance from the street.  These safety measures will cost money and may be difficult to pass as law but they will certainly save lives.

Tragedies like these should be used to improve safety and prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.  Unfortunately, unless the laws governing Bus Bench safety change, it is likely that more people will be injured in similar incidents.  Jeffrey S. Altman is a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer that litigates cases throughout the State of Florida.  Our office is located in Miami – just minutes away from North Miami, North Miami Beach, Miami Shores, South Beach and Aventura.  We most often represent Car Accident victims and their families that have suffered Serious Injuries or Wrongful Death.  However, we handle all types of injury cases.  Every client and every case is unique and both get our personal attention.  If you have a potential case that you would like to discuss please call/email Jeffrey S. Altman at 305.373.3730 or  Please visit our website at