A good Miami Car Accident Lawyer will make dealing with the details of a Miami Car Accident as easy as possible.  It is often bad enough that you are suffering from pain or the death of a loved one immediately after a Car Accident; dealing with multiple insurance companies can be extremely stressful and also be one of the most important aspects of a case.  The list below contains a couple of things that your Miami Car Accident Lawyer should be doing to maximize the value of your case and make your life easier during this stressful time.

  1. A good Miami Car Accident Lawyer will speak to you first and not have a secretary or private investigator have the initial conversation with you.  If you are physically unable to travel as a result of a serious injury, many of the best Miami Car Accident Lawyers will travel to you to meet and discuss your case.  Almost every Miami Car Accident Lawyer provides a Free Initial Consultation and is paid by receiving a percentage of your recovery (Contingency Fee) and you will not be charged by the hour.
  2. All of the best Miami Car Accident Lawyers know that the first couple of days after a Car Accident are the most important when it comes to gathering information and preserving evidence.  Accordingly, after a client retains a Miami Car Accident Lawyer, that lawyer will be requesting Traffic Crash Reports, Traffic Homocide Reports, Surveillance Video, Scene Photographs, Injury Photographs, Accident Scene Photographs, Witness Statements and, when necessary, retain experts and do inspections of the location of the Car Accident or the vehicles involved in the accident
  3. Most Miami Car Accident Attorneys will take control of dealings with all insurance companies involved in your accident.  It is likely that you will have to provide information to your attorney to forward to the insurance company and sometimes you will be asked to provide a statement to one or more insurance companies.  However, most good Miami Car Accident Lawyers will be present during any statement and make sure that you are not asked to provide inappropriate information.
  4. The best Miami Car Accident Attorneys also know that most non fatal Car Accident cases are valued based upon the clients medical records.  Accordingly, it is important to have open communication with your attorney about what Hospitals, Doctors, Diagnostic Facilities and Rehab Facilities with which you have been treating.  A good attorney will be monitoring your medical treatment and explain to you how your injuries, medical care and medical records will affect your case.
  5. Some cases have a lawsuit filed immediately.  Other cases benefit the client more if the case is settled before a lawsuit is filed.  A good Miami Car Accident Lawyer will keep you informed about this aspect of the case so you understand the expected path your case will take.

These are only a few general things that a good Miami Car Accident Attorney will do for a client.  The Attorney/Client relationship varies from case to case.  Only the lawyer that you retain will know all of the facts of your case and can provide you legal advice.  Keep a clear and open communication policy with your lawyer so he/she can be prepared and provide the benefits listed above.  We hope that you do not need the services of a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer.  However, if you do, make sure you research the attorney before hiring one.

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