A terrifying car crash near Miami occurred last Wednesday.  A man left his Cadillac running outside a convenience store in Pompano as he ran inside to get the lottery ticket he left on the counter.  In the few seconds he was inside two men in their early 20’s jumped into the Cadillac and sped away.  A police officer tried to stop the vehicle as it sped away but the two young men sped up running several stop signs along the way.  After a brief chase the young men lost control of the Cadillac and crashed into nearby home – almost striking the owner of the home who was inside relaxing.  The two men jumped out of the Cadillac and ran on foot.  They did not get far and were arrested by BSO Pompano Beach.

This was a brazen, middle of the day attempt to steal a vehicle that was in a parking lot in front of a public convenience store.  Despite the key being in the ignition, did these two guys really think that they were going to get away with this?  Any what were they going to get away with – have the car for a few minutes or a few hours?  They destroyed a car, a house and, most importantly, their lives.  We do not know if this is the first arrest for them but it is certainly going to cause them problems.  They are lucky they did not kill anybody.  We have not yet heard whether the owner of the vehicle won the lottery.

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